Basic Equipment Needed for Photography

beginner photography equipment

When just starting in the field of photography, there are quite a few essential gears or equipment you should have. But before you invest in these gears, it’s crucial that you already have a camera effective and comfortable for you. Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy all the equipment in one swipe, especially when you’re just at the beginning. Once you feel confident with your photography skills, and want to upgrade a little bit, you can invest more equipment.

Before we cite the essentials, you should remember that your starting gears don’t need to be expensive, what’s important is they work well for you. Now, let’s start listing what your actual necessities are.

Tripod and Remote Shutter Release

Are you worrying if your hands are shaky and that you might get blurry pictures every time you take photos? With a tripod, it helps your camera to be steady and not have the risk of motion blurs. You also get to tinker more on using long exposures and ISOs. Before buying this gear, you have to consider its strength, portability, and weight. Make sure it can carry the right amount of weight while maintaining its portability and lightweight feature. Adventures with your camera can go a lot easier with a tripod that’s just easy to carry and use while not losing its good quality to stabilize. The remote shutter release goes hand-in-hand with the tripod. It is functional as a button that you can click, and then, it captures the image without you having to touch the camera. It can be wired or wireless. Both work fine!

Memory Cards

Storage cards are one of the most important equipment in photography that you need. Without SD cards, your photos would go astray. SD cards help you in keeping your shots in a safe space. You might think that you only need one but it’s a good idea to have a decent set of memory cards. If ever the one you’re using gets corrupted, you have an extra memory card you can use and continue to shoot. You’ll also need a memory card holder or storage to keep your memory cards away from disasters.

equipment for photography

Rechargeable Batteries

When you’re getting more serious on photography, things that you also need include rechargeable batteries with a charger. There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re having a good shoot, and suddenly, your battery dies. Having some set of extras is very helpful, as well. Now, with batteries, there are things you need to consider, such as its type. Don’t forget to check and see what kind of battery your camera needs.

Cleaning Supplies

Dust and particles lie everywhere, and there’s no denying that they can get on your camera even when you don’t see them. Why is it important to have cleaning supplies and knowing how to clean your camera? Because having this knowledge saves you time and money. Dirt that builds up in your camera can cause your device to a detriment, which will then cost you both time and money to get a new one. Better safe than sorry, right? When cleaning, you must also handle your device well.

Gear Bag

You should have a bag intended for your photography gear. It is where you can organize your gears and also keep them from the risk of scratch or any damage. When packing, you should consider choosing the bag that fits all your gears and is lightweight, too. Something to note also is its durability. Make sure that your bag is well and can carry such weight from all your gears.